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Account Manager Vacancy

Reference: 3884 NDV
Job Type: Full-time
Job Status: Sourcing
Location: Somerset West
Duration: Permanent
Employment Equity: No

Consultant: Nannie de Villiers

Job Description:

  • Take responsibility for all product software implementation and support to clients
  • Accurate daily completion of timesheets
  • Take the responsibility that thorough software product knowledge exist to assist client
  • Take responsibility to ensure that all tasks are executed in terms of schedule of duties
  • Take responsibility to telephonically support clients
  • Take responsibility to assist clients on the Support Log
  • Take responsibility for correct channeling w.r.t. problems logged on the Support Log as well as telephone enquiries
  • Take responsibility to complete the company’s logbook/job card according to the company’s prescribed procedures and standards i.e. type of problem and duration to rectify, etc. including delegated jobs completed by other employees
  • Take responsibility to prioritise tasks in terms of urgency and importance within available resources
  • Take responsibility that all Log enquiries/requests are followed up, ensure that client’s needs are met and quality of service delivery
  • Take responsibility for on-going relationship building with client after services were rendered
  • Take responsibility for the timely communication to the Board w.r.t. any risks and issues which may developed
  • Maintain own calendar and ensure effective communication with Operational Admin assistant/PA
  • Site Implementation
  • Site Management
  • Take responsibility for the ongoing improvement of implementation and support procedures with supporting documentation.
  • Take responsibility for all performance related tasks as required by the Board of Directors
  • Take responsibility for the ongoing reporting of any irregularities to the Board of Directors
  • Comply with company HR Policies and Procedures & Code of Ethics
  • Take responsibility to immediately report any jobs that fall out of the employee’s frame of expertise and/or capacity to complete jobs satisfactory
  • When visiting a client, install confidence in client that high levels of service will be conducted at all times
  • Ensure that detailed jobcards are completed and signed for every action taken on site at a clients


  • Matric
  • 3 year IT/Business Qualification
  • Strong technology inclination
  • Strong business acumen
  • Project Management
  • Aptitude for computers and systems
  • Intensive troubleshooting knowledge
  • Ability to work accurate and detailed orientation
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • People Skills
  • Excellent task management skills
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Excellent administration skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Good discretion
  • Adapt to client subject knowledge
  • Professional image and presentable

How to Apply:

Forward your comprehensive CV to Exceed Human Resource Consultants on
If you are already registered – please forward your CV with the relevant reference number to the consultant you are at present registered with in order to avoid duplicity on our system.
We reserve the exclusive right to conduct interviews with candidates of choice.
Applicants, who have received no feedback within 30 days of the closing date, must please accept their application as unsuccessful


Tel: +27 (0) 87 985 0935

London, UK

Tel: +44 (0) 1784 439 955

Somerset West

Tel: +27 (0) 21 852 0382/4

Cape Town

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